Saturday, November 29th
How could I have forgotten the monkeys? Eli reminded me a while ago. Thanks Eli. I like monkeys.

Friday, November 28th
Thank you to everyone who came and helped out with Thanksgiving! The pictures are in the "Photos" section. :)

Tuesday, November 25th
I've been busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. There's 40 pounds of turkey in my freezer, and 19 guests coming. Woot!

Someday soon I'll get up pictures of the Halloween party and pictures of family members. Until then, here's a collage of the party, minus Mathieu, who was taking all the pictures. Thanks everyone for coming!

Berke Breathed is back on the scene with Opus, a new strip featuring our favorite penguin of Bloom County and Outland fame. Andy Baio was nice enough to scan in last sunday's strip.

I remember Band Camp, before American Pie ruined its good name. One time, we all played the circle game.

Friday, November 14th
Check out my friend Alex's case mod

I've added the "Shopping" section, 'cause there are just too many cool places to buy stuff.

Monday, November 10th
I've been reprimanded for the Matrix spoiler. :( Sorry Yan.

Today I learned to use UPS for body parts, not FedEx.

There's a monster in your desktop computer.

Tuesday, November 4th
Thanks to Nate, we got to see Matrix: Revolutions last night. I've never been to an advance screening and it was quite a treat.

I love spoilers, so here goes: Trinity dies, Neo is blinded by Smith and then sort of dies, Zion is saved. Woot.

Here's what I learned: Love is important, Faith is important, Material stuff doesn't matter, but life still has meaning thanks to Karma. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something while living out your Karma.

Want to know the best audio file editor ever? Goldwave.