Photos: Ander

Baby pictures!
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Climbing at school.

Playing with a head scratcher.

Smiling before fireworks in Lexington.

Fireworks in Lexington.

At Storyland, peeking out of the ball pit.

At Storyland in the ball pit.

Ellie, Ander and Justin in Provincetown.

In a giant beehive at the Museum of Science.

Eating snowflakes.

At the park with a friend.

Tools. Ander really likes tools.

Children's Museum: sitting happy in the Bobcat

Children's Museum: electric bicycles make the lights go on

Children's Museum: outside

Water park: sitting happy

Water park: Rainbow Run!

Water park: Pouring water


Ander and Rohan at Silk Road

Birthday: frosting his own cake with grandma and great auntie Liz

Cardboard tube: O! I can reach things with this!

Cardboard tube: Wat dis?

In the office: these might be a little big.

Water park: splashing in a jet of water.

Children's Museum: Boston under construction. Playing with new camera.

Children's Museum: South Station. Playing with new camera.

Franklin Park Zoo with QAF: Ander, Devon, Juliean and Lucas playing in the truck by the lion's cage

Franklin Park Zoo with QAF: Ander, Devon, Juliean playing

Park across the street: Ander drinking from the bubbler

New SLR camera: testing out the artistic use of lens flare in a scene.

Trip to Chicago: Ander and Meme

Boston Pride: Ander rides the T like a rock star.

Boston Pride: Ander watches the parade, in profile, in front of the State House.

Boston Pride: I lost some hair that day. Mathieu did too.

Boston Pride: Ander's friend Emmit was there with us. We had other adoptive families with us too. Lots of fun!

Boston Pride: Quite a few dogs in the parade, plus a lot of kids too.

Boston Pride: Big crowds of people!

Boston Pride: We like eating at Chipotle's, and I liked their parade float.

Boston Pride: On this special day, we let him devour french fries.

Boston Pride: Beads for everyone!

Franklin Park Zoo: Orange tiger and white tiger

Franklin Park Zoo: Can you spot the peacock?

Franklin Park Zoo: pointing at the birds.

Posing with truck

Solar Charging: 80%... 85%... 90%...

"I started up Vista. Can I have my Microsoft Certification now?"

First Easter Egg Hunt!

Wearing daddy's shoes.

I think his expression here is very cute.

"Moments later the zombie plague spread to its second victim..." Ander was eating a blue fruit roll-up.

Something about this picture is very classy.

New food: Pad Thai Noodles

Clean face? Holding still? Camera nearby? Picture time!

We took a trip to Houston to visit Ander's birth mother.

During the visit to Texas, we got to visit Ander's half sister, Kaylee Ann.

Ander in a red shirt.

Christmas: Grandma and Ander.

Christmas: Ander helped to decorate the tree.

Christmas: Ander liked the tree.

Christmas: Big smile for the tree!

Going to the moon, BRB.

Halloween: Ander made a great pirate

Halloween: We went to a playground event with lots of other kids in costumes.

Halloween: Wizard / Pirate!

Halloween: Pirate in sunshine.

Halloween: Arrrr!

Halloween: Eating dinner after a hard day of plundering.

I think my glasses suit him.

Ander's finalization. Thank you, Judge Smoot!

Playing with a turtle at the Red Thread picnic.

Running at the Arboretum.


Handing over a flower.

Running with a flower.

Mathieu and Ander on his first birthday.

Justin and Ander on his first birthday. He only tasted the cake. :-( Salty wins over sweet!

At the Children's Museum, playing with trains.

At the Children's Museum, laying on a chair.

At the Children's Museum, in a dark tunnel. Boo!

With the big bunny

Faceplant in the bunny

Wearing a big hat after the Pride parade

Face to face at the Pride parade

On Mathieu's shoulders at the Pride parade (guess who holds the camera more often? :)

Pointing at the entrance of the Franklin Park Zoo

On Mathieu's shoulders at the Franklin Park Zoo

Petting a goat at the Franklin Park Zoo

Watching the fishtank at the Franklin Park Zoo

Two teeth are in, another is coming in the bottom, two more are coming in the top.

If you're a fan of his eyes, here's a close-up!

Sitting in the dining room, looking content.

First two teeth! They hurt him a lot coming out. Trust us.

Bath is easy - he splashes himself clean.

Big smile!

The walker is the new favoritest toy.

I has ur beans. NOM NOM NOM



This ear tastes delicious!

Hand -> Mouth

"What? This mirror is delicious!"

Often, Ander will bend backwards while we feed him a bottle. It is very awkward.


Bored now.

Sweet potato! Yum!

"I has both of ur spoons. No, you may nots have dem back."


Even though we cut his nails, Ander scratches his face when he's asleep. Don't worry - it isn't as bad as it looks. :)

Right arm over the head! (movie)

Smiles! (movie)

Dressed for Halloween!

We went to visit our friends Jamie and Charlene. They have two dogs who wanted to eat Ander. We did not allow this to happen, but it was funny to watch the dogs try.

Wave to the camera!

In the stroller, walking to the park, asleep.

This is what we have to deal with at 3am. All babies have fussy time. Ander's fussing usually results in hiccups. (movie)

Relaxing in the upstairs office.

Ready for bed! ORLY? YA RLY.

He sleeps like this all the time. It is cute.

Active baby is active. (movie)

*yawn* (movie)

You don't say?

My fists are so fast, you no see them.

I am ready for my photo shoot.

Dad, I think you have the camera too close.

I *heart* my dads!

I see you there!

Ander in his crib, home at last. This is the best "action shot" I could get.

Ander's crib, waiting for him at home. The beautiful wall painting was done by Christine, Leah and Jade. ^_^ Thank you!

Movie of Justin getting one of the hospital bracelets for Ander.

Zombie baby! Standard procedure for newborns is to put antibiotic drops in their eyes. The goo makes him look pretty scary, though.

In the hospital.

Mathieu holding Ander at the hospital.

Mathieu feeding Ander at the hospital.

Back in the hotel room on Sunday.