Photos: San Diego

These are from a trip I took to San Diego on August 25, 2001.
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Sara accompanied me to the world famous San Diego Zoo.  We met a few of the animals up close.  This cheetah is ready to pounce on the audience.

The cheetah is friends with this dog.  Just like a housecat, the cheetah has its own agenda.  ("Be quiet, dog!  Little Billy in the first row won't see me coming!")

Ever wonder what pandas do all day?

There was a long wait to see the polar bears.  I think it was worth it.  This one launched himself into the air just for us.

Besides seeing cute animals, I attended Jill and Ian's wedding.  I was Best Man!  Juliean and Laura flew out for the occasion.  The only rental car Juliean could get happened to be a Camaro convertable, pictured here.

From left to right: Juliean, Laura, Jill, Ian, Sara.  We had brunch on Sunday at the Holiday Inn.  The ship in the background is the famous "Star of India".