Photos: Thanksgiving 2004

I'd like to thank Rick for snapping most of these pictures. It is always a pleasure to have you as a houseguest.
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I learned my lesson from last year - I set the table the night before. Maybe next year I'll diversify beyond origami Turkeys.

I was so sick I could barely speak. Mathieu, Rick and Ryan all helped out in the kitchen to get the food ready. Mathieu is wearing his chef's jacket. I staggered around trying not to breathe on anyone/thing.

This year, the plumbing worked perfectly. Our biggest crisis was that the oven cooked turkey finished two hours early.

Uncle Bob, thanks for carving. In this plastic container you can see the concoction I injected into the Cajun fried turkey. From left to right: Nephew Shawn, Uncle Bob, Sister Sharon, Handsome Mathieu, Salad Tossing Ryan

Rick called this picture "Men Work, Women Watch". Left to right: Ryan, Cousin Nicole, Bob, Shawn, Cousin Sara Beth. In their defense, the girls did a lot of serving and cleaning up.

The Cajun bird cooked in 30 minutes and was moist and spicy. The dark patch on the white breast meat is where some of the injected spices still lingered. Mmmm. Spicy turkey.

Thank you to everyone for cleaning up! We enjoy hosting!

What better way to end Thanksgiving than with a game of Munchkin. Left to right: Justin, Rick, Ryan.

Rick got to ride the Acela train home. I'm jealous.